OHS Legal Compliance:

The Occupational Health and Safety Act, 85 of 1993, govern the minimum requirements, which the employer must cater for health and safety of employees at work.

The greatest shortfall in industry is the fact that most of the organisations tend to comply with the stipulations as depicted in the regulations of the Act, but do not realise that there are in fact a specific duty placed on the employer to ensure effective compliance to regulations via section of the Act.

The first logical step towards Occupational Health and Safety in the South African Industry is to establish compliance to the OHS Act, relevant Acts and incorporated standards, which supports the OHS Act.

Legal Compliance Process:

The process towards legal compliance starts with the responsibility of the employer to identify hazards risks and perils the operations of the business.

This is to determine the scope of accountability in the organisation and to determine the resources needed to mitigate and/or eliminate hazards and risks in order to establish true compliance.

The steps in this process includes: Act, relevant Acts and incorporated standards, which supports the OHS Act.

Compliance Steps:

               - Micro
               - Noise
               - Lighting 
               - Ventilation
               - Air Quality
               - Thermal Comfort
               - Ergonomical Studies
               - Hazardous Chemicals
               - Macro
               - Environmental Impact Assessments               - Top management seminar
               - SHE representative training Legislative Risk Assessment
               - Supervisors Safety
               - Emergency Response Planning
               - Introduction and General Training for employees
               - Occupational Health Training
               - First Aid Training
               - Incident Investigation
               - OHS Act and Regulations
               - Specific training such as Confined  Space, Lockout, SWP, Office Safety, HCS, Contractor Safety, Hot Work Safety.
               - Regulations of the OHS Act Training

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