OHSAS 18000 Emergency Evacuation Plans:

An emergency evacuation plan is an integral part of complying with OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) rules and regulations. Every company, big and small, should have a specified evacuation plan in place that has been laid out long before any disaster. The evacuation plan should detail all the specified evacuation routes as well as the designated emergency assembly point for staff to gather in case of an emergency. Just as important, the evacuation plan should also list emergency contacts, such as an ambulance service, local fire department and local police station. It should also be visible throughout the building. The specific fire exits, locations of fire alarms, medical kits and fire hoses & extinguishers should also appear on the evacuation plan.

Openshaw Consulting has designed and created numerous OHSAS 1800 compliant emergency evacuation plans for clients in the logistics, manufacturing, and engineering sectors. Our comprehensive emergency evacuation plans take numerous scenarios in to consideration, such as; Accidents, Fires, Strikes, Chemical spills, Critical machinery failure and Flooding, just to name a few.

During the process of getting an Emergency Evacuation Plan for your working environment, we will come out to your premises, assess the area and provide you with an adequate evacuation plan, which you can then present your workers with and put up throughout the building.

Openshaw Consulting has dedicated all our time and effort into providing our clients with the best possible solutions that will ensure Occupational Health and Safety standards are met within their working environment. For more information on our Emergency Evacuation Plans or other Occupational Health and Safety services, contact us today.

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